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California Senior Homeowners
62 years or older! 

Senior Homeowners, 62 Yrs. or Older
You can now enjoy a peace of mind in letting your home take care of you with a  


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Portrait of smiling happy senior couple

Now you can enjoy your equity, by turning it into cash, without any tax liability and without making a single mortgage payment, while in the HECM program! It's a great program for seniors!

Are you:
-On a fixed income!
-Living check to check!
-Struggling financially!
-Retired with regrets!

Turn your life around today with a:

-No more mortgage payments!
-Reduce your household debt!
-Spend the extra money on yourself!
-Upgrade your home or take a vacation!
-It's your money to do whatever you want! 

For more information on our loan products:  

-100 % VA Loans
-100% USDA Loans 
-3.5% Down FHA Loans 
-5% Down Conventional Loans
-HECM (Reverse Mortgage Loans)
-Hard Money Investor Loans



We have first time home buyer loans, great refinancing loan products and senior homeowners, 62 years or older special HECM loans.  

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New Home Buyers


It's always a good time to purchase your very first home, securing your part of the American Dream.  

Pre-qualify today for free! When you think you can't, you may find out that you can, apply now by calling (310) 629-4407 and speak to a loan officer today! The time to invest into your life is Now!


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